Winter is right around the corner. Get Ready

Snow, sleet, and freezing rain is right around the corner here in the Midwest so it’s time to get prepared. The winter of 2013-2014 was one of the coldest in the Twin Cities’ recent history, with an average winter temperature of only 9.7 degrees F, where the typical average is 18.7 degrees F.  The minimum temperature on record in Minnesota is minus 60 degrees F, measured in St. Louis County on February 2, 1996.

Needless to say, Midwest winters can be tough on truck drivers and fleet vehicle operators, road conditions certainly aren’t ideal, but a well-maintained vehicle will help you stay safe on the road; Twin Cities Diesel is offering a deal you’ll want to know about. 

For Truckers and Fleet Vehicle Managers

Our skilled mechanics regularly service commercial and fleet vehicles to help drivers handle treacherous winter conditions. So this November we’re offering to replace your windshield wipers for free when you stop in for your next oil change.

Whether you own an entire fleet, or drive any other commercial vehicle, just stop in before the end of the month for an oil change to get your complimentary wiper blades & improve your visibility all winter long. 

And of course, don't forget the other winter basics….

  • Go slow on slick roads.
  • Clear snow off windows, lights, reflectors, and mirrors.
  • Check your lights to make sure they’re all working.
  • Be extra careful on ramps and bridges.
  • Pull over and wait it out in poor conditions.
  • Wear the right winter gear for your comfort.
  • Maintain distance from other vehicles.

Want Even More Peace Of Mind?

Check Out Our New NTP Warranties

Another thing you can do to protect yourself against harsh winters is take advantage of one of our new comprehensive NTP warranties, available to long- and short-distance truckers. NTP stands for National Truck Protection, an industry leader in warranties that owner operators and fleet owners can benefit from.

  • Covering Class 2-8 vehicle components
  • For up to 1,000,000 miles of operation
  • Five-star roadside assistance
  • Tow coverage
  • Rental Resources
  • Unlimited access to our technicians

Want to learn more about our NTP warranties? Reach out to Twin Cities Diesel today.

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